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Synopsis of A Sign of Affection Manga

Yuki Itose is a hearing-impaired university student whose world has been silent since birth. She has lived in the same place her whole life, and rarely interacts with others save for her best friend, Rin Fujishiro. During her commute one day, she meets the silver-haired and multilingual Itsuomi Nagi, a mutual friend of Rin. Unlike most, Itsuomi is unwavering when he learns of Yuki’s impairment; this, along with his experiences abroad, fascinates and touches her. After they part, her fondness for him starts to grow. A new world opens for both Yuki and Itsuomi as they learn about each other’s different lives.

Yubisaki to Renren is a lighthearted, romantic comedy that illustrates the silent life of a university student and how one man sharing his world starts to change her own

A Sign of Affection Manga Review

A light-hearted romantic story between a multilingual boy and a deaf girl, from Morishita-san (who made HibiChouChou)! I remember stumbling upon this when I was trying to find some shoujo mangas I haven’t read yet and this one came up!

The art style of Morishita has extremely improved since Hibichouchou, and in my opinion, this is probably her best work yet.

Since writing this review, there are about 16 chapters so far, and I’m still invested lol! The story is great, it’s well-paced and doesn’t have the “high school setting” and “extreme couple dynamic” cliches, feels like a breath of fresh air!

From the 1st chapter, I WAS HOOKED; the art is beautiful, with pretty good characters, GREAT chemistry between the two leads (and so many cute moments!!), and overall such a feel-good manga!

Recommend this to anyone who wants a new shoujo/romance manga read!

Reviewer’s Rating: 9

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